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Heatrecovery from fluegas

description of the heatrecovery from fluegas -process

heatrecovery from fluegasIn EHOX heatrecovery from fluegas -process – Condensing plant the thermal energy is recovered by using a direct-contact method. A bed of filler elements are used for maximizing the contact between the flue gas and the water of heat recovery cycle. At the bottom of the filler element bed the flue gas is divided evenly across the scrubber cross section, and at the top of the filler element bed the heat recovery cycle water is also divided evenly across the scrubber cross section. When the water flows down and the flue gas flows up, the contact time between gas and water is much longer than on traditional jet scrubber, and therefore the energy recovery is much more efficient. Additionally, the longer contact time allows more fluctuations on flue gas quality and –quantity. At the bottom of the bed, the heated water is collected and the energy is transferred to district heating network by using heat exchanger. From exchanger the cooled water is directed back to the top of the filler element bed.

The type of filler elements and the design of water distribution on the top of the scrubber are made for maintaining a low pressure loss without compromising the even distribution of heat recovery water on the filler element bed.

Heatrecovery from fluegas
  • By even distribution of heat recovery water a direct flows of flue gas is prevented and effective energy recovery is achieved
  • Only low pressure is required to water distribution, resulting low power need for pumping
  • The type of filler element chosen allows very high beds. The higher filler element bed enables more effective energy recovery.

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